Gloves Dielectric 500V

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Unsupported natural latex gloves ideal for electrical tasks. CLASE 0 – 1000V
Applications: Electrical hazards. Special gloves for work with electrical hazards

Features and Advantages
– Its ergonomic form and its lightly powdered interior makes the glove easy to put on and to remove.
– Its natural latex base provides high dielectric properties.
– Its thickness ensures good touch, offering protection up to 36.000V (Class 4).
– Resistant to acids, oil, ozone and to very low temperatures.
– Certified under ISO9001:2000 and subject to rigorous testing:
– Visual and dimensional specifications checks.
– Dielectric tests in test cabins.
– Additional Tests (mechanical and dielectric).

Size: 9 – 10

CE EN 420, EN 60903

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