Electronic Variable Pitch Soldering Shield – 160.108

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Electronic variable pitch soldering shield (4/9 -13)
Welding shield with electronic filter automatically variable to the selected tone (from 9 to 13), for sparks and IR radiations of welding processes.
• 114x90mm self-obscuring filter that offers a minimum protection UV tone 4 (light tone) to the selected tone (dark tone from 9 to 13). It covers a 114 x 90mm polycarbonate exterior filter and covers an interior filter.
• Made of Polycarbonate, very light, but with high impact resistance, as well as good electrical insulation, and high resistance to weathering and UV rays.
• Hinged interior harness with screw closure and anti-sweat band.
• Modern and ergonomic design, with curved shapes that allow no incandescent pieces or drops of molten metal to remain on the surface of the screen and minimize impacts.
• Detection control of the arc.
• Solar cell power supply (+ two 3V lithium battery support).

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CE EN 166, EN 169, EN 175, EN 379

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