Elastic Double Lanyard 1.50m with Energy Absorber and Carabiners – 080.107A

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Elastic tape in “Y” STEEL FLEX with absorber and carabiners.
Elastic tape in “Y” of 1.50 meters with ERGO energy absorber
• “Y” mooring element with absorber, which always allows to be fastened to the anchor point when going from one anchor point to another.
• The elastic band prevents tripping, saves space… due to the shorter length of the tape at rest, increasing user comfort.
• ERGO SHOCK energy absorber, energy dissipater in case of falls in height. Automatic steel carabiners quick opening and 2 lightweight aluminum hooks. Total length of 1.50 meters (including carabiners). Extended length: 1.80 meters Automatic steel carabiner with a quick opening of 20mm opening (to attach to the harness). 2 lightweight aluminum carabiners with a quick opening opening of 60mm (to attach to the anchor point).
 EN354 Lanyards EN355 Energy absorbers
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Sternal hook
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Dorsal hook

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