Ear plugs With Detectable Cord SNR 33dB – 050.103

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Mod. ‘FIT TRACK’. Reusable ear plug with detectable cord.
Characteristics: Reusable TPR thermoplastic hypoallergenic ear plug, medium attenuation (33dB). Washable, very soft and comfortable plugs. Security cord to prevent loss and facilitate use. A metallic element inside helps facilitate location in case of loss. Its structure allows no direct contact with the plugs (better hygiene). Auto-expandable and blue for better visualization in industry related to food processing. Bag of 100 pairs in individual storage box.

Uses and functions: activities with a high level of noise in the food industry (food processing, food chains, slaughterhouses, poultry, food maintenance,…).
EN352-2 Protección auditiva. Tapones. SNR= 33 dB (H=34, M=30, L=27)

CE EN352-2

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